Bag End Model

I made a Minature model of a section of Bag end for my final major project for my 2nd year of my university course.

Peter Jacksons film adaptation of The Lord of the rings is what inspired me to do Prop making, so it's nice to finally make something from the films! 

I used styrofoam to build up the majority of the rough shape. I then used sculptamould to fill in areas and give it more of an organic shape. Once all of the shaping was done including the sculpted details I covered the whole model in modge podge to give something for the glue and paint to stick to. 

The other areas such as the gate and doorway is a mixture of milliput sculpting and the use of match sticks among other pieces of scrap wood.

I used a static grass applicator to apply the grass and went in afterwards and airbrushed it to the correct colours. the other foliage aspects are a selection of homemade and bought.

Bag End
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Gargoyle Head Bust

In Module 3 we had to make gargoyle or grotesque I made a gargoyle head inspired mine loosely on a Deathclaw from the Bethesda game Fallout 4

 For my gargoyle, I sculpted the base shapes from expanded polystyrene. The horn and teeth details are made from extruded polystyrene. Those were glued together with gorilla glue. Once the head was completed I applied flintex and sawdust to add a textured stone look. Then applied paint to create a worn stone effect. I also applied some moss in certain areas to give it a bit more age.

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